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aluminum door
Founded in 1998, China Tianwai Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive aluminum door manufacturer and wholesaler of safty equipment and safety industry. With the integrity of research, development, quality production, CAD technical system and high propagation sale, our products are widely used in the fire fighting, road safety, lighting, public secuity, family, automobile safety, petroleum, metallurgy and construction and other fields. The products passed certification of ISO9000 quality system and CCC certification. Each custom aluminum doors product has passed the strict quality test to guarantee credible product functions before being put into markets, and the return rate of our products is below 1%.
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aluminum door
1) Made of PVC profile / Aluminum profile.
2) Available in any sizes as per your needs.
3) Good quality, with excellent performance.
4) Light surface, reasonable construction, strict quality control.
5) Standard sliding door, new structure assembling technique, more solid and more practical.
6) Simple and convenient operation, occupying small space, elegant in appearance.
7) Hardware: Guoqiang, Roto.
ORANGE-SOL INDUSTRIAL FORMULA is being used by several manufacturers that make aluminum windows and doors. Not only can they remove the oils and grease, at the same time they remove the oxide that builds up on the aluminum stock.
aluminum doors
Aluminum thickness of 0.023 in. (0.60 mm). Woodgrain finish on both sides of the door.
Baked-on corrosion-resistant polyester paint.
1 3/4 in. (44.5 mm) insulated door with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam. Ensures high (R 16.04) thermal-resistance rating and remarkable sturdiness. Additional advantage: the aluminum door is very light, increasing the overall longevity of the mechanism.
Solid mechanical overlap joint. Increases the weathertightness of the door and prevents delamination.
Thermal break between the exterior and the interior faces of each section.
Flexible bottom weatherstripping that ensures the weathertightness of the threshold.
Flexible weatherstripping of 2.5 in. (65 mm) installed on the top panel.
14-gauge, steel reinforcement plate placed on the interior of the door where hinges and handles are attached.
Wood end blocks protect against cracking and provide a thermal break with the exterior of the door.
Heavy-duty commercial hardware. 14-gauge steel rails with 10-ballbearing action available.
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