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cultural mask
Founded in 1998, China Tianwai Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive cultural mask manufacturer and wholesaler of safty equipment and safety industry. With the integrity of research, development, quality production, CAD technical system and high propagation sale, our products are widely used in the fire fighting, road safety, lighting, public secuity, family, automobile safety, petroleum, metallurgy and construction and other fields. The products passed certification of ISO9000 quality system and CCC certification. Each custom cultural masks product has passed the strict quality test to guarantee credible product functions before being put into markets, and the return rate of our products is below 1%.
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cultural mask
The students start this project with a research paper on a cultural mask. The mask may be from their culture or from another culture. Part of the Criteria when creating their mask, is to change it in some fashion personalizing the mask. They are not to make an exact replica of the cultural mask. The students choose masks from all over the world, which makes it interesting and exciting to see what masks catches their attention. Shamans are usually initiated into the profession through a profound ordeal. In this way, they learn to identify their own medicine and also embody the mythology and worldview of their people. They are then able to travel through the many worlds in which human beings can dwell in the service of healing and expansion of awareness.
They are experts in the use of symbols, myth, ritual and healing techniques, all informed by a psychospiritual view of the world.
Over the last twenty-five years, there has been a very large amount of research done on traditional shamanism and how it can assist us to live better, more richly in our busy lives.
cultural masks
Museum collections include artifacts and photographs relevant to black life in Maryland, African and African American art, historical documents, and rare books. Guided exhibition tours are arranged for school classes and other groups upon request. Exhibits may also be arranged for loan or travel. Books, manuscripts, oral histories, video tapes, and archival materials are available for use in the museum's non-lending library by appointment. The Banneker-Douglass Museum, named for Benjamin Banneker and Frederick Douglass, is dedicated to preserving Maryland's African American heritage, and serves as the state's official repository of African American material culture. The museum annually sponsors and hosts a variety of preservation, arts, and cultural lectures, workshops, performances, and other programs. Traditional shamanic practice involved a profound set of techniques in mind-body medicine, the use of states of consciousness, herbal medicine and a medicine which aligned human beings with the cycles and dynamics of nature.
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