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Founded in 1998, China Tianwai Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive rolling gate manufacturer and wholesaler of safty equipment and safety industry. With the integrity of research, development, quality production, CAD technical system and high propagation sale, our products are widely used in the fire fighting, road safety, lighting, public secuity, family, automobile safety, petroleum, metallurgy and construction and other fields. The products passed certification of ISO9000 quality system and CCC certification. Each custom rolling gates product has passed the strict quality test to guarantee credible product functions before being put into markets, and the return rate of our products is below 1%.
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A 17th-century orangery once stood on this site on the edge of a royal garden. Václav Havel, the president of the Czech Republic, initiated the idea of erecting a new structure with a similar function and commissioned the architect to design an orangery to the same scale as the historical building, but in a modern architectural language. Together with the structural engineer Matthew Wells, Eva Jiricna designed a barrel-vaulted structure consisting of a diagonal mesh of stainless-steel tubes that meet at right angles and from which the glass roof skin is suspended. The welded crosses are connected at fixed nodes. Here, the tubes are clamped together with top and bottom plates fixed with a single screw. This facilitated a rapid assembly of the greenhouse. The dominant existing element on the site, the old retaining wall, was preserved, but it was not capable of bearing new loads. A 94-metre-long triangulated three-part girder was, therefore, constructed parallel to the wall to bear the roof loads on this side. It is supported by four divided raking tubular columns and can accommodate expansion or contraction of up to 30 mm over its length.
rolling gates
Equip with intelligence high sensitive red line anticollision, have intelligence to be infrared to pop one''''s head, (within the 30 of distance) while meeting the vehicle or the pedestrian while closing the door. The door will arrange and returns thus the security of ensuring the vehicle and pedestrian automatically. Each node has PA wear-resisting bush , has already strengthened the whole stability on the door, make sure again that body does not produce the ear-piercing friction sound while operating on the door. Purpose-built high wear-resisting rubber tyer, has not obviously wear and tear through the walk of 200,000 times. Main frame type material of body is connected by and concurrently one on the door, the screw which joins the location is adopted and designed regularly stealthily, never expose, improve the view of the door body. Type material according to geometry structure principle, in addition, different geometry form muscles and bones can strengthen their intensity greatly at super strong hardness alloy pipe, the surface is dealt with by the special ionophoresis, the gloss is limitless, never gets rusty, have protected new one for ten years.
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