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smoke alarm
Founded in 1998, China Tianwai Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive smoke alarm manufacturer and wholesaler of safty equipment and safety industry. With the integrity of research, development, quality production, CAD technical system and high propagation sale, our products are widely used in the fire fighting, road safety, lighting, public secuity, family, automobile safety, petroleum, metallurgy and construction and other fields. The products passed certification of ISO9000 quality system and CCC certification. Each custom smoke alarms product has passed the strict quality test to guarantee credible product functions before being put into markets, and the return rate of our products is below 1%.
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smoke alarm
Sealed in lithium battery never replace battery over the ten-year life of the alarm
Self activation alarm automatically activates when securely attached to the mounting bracket
Smart hush temporarily silences nuisance alarms and will not allow hush mode to be activated unless the unit is in alarm mode
Rapidly flashing red LED alerts the user if the alarm has sounded since the last time the test reset button was used
UL Approved, Easy to install with just two screws, this smoke alarm is powered by a lithium battery for ten years of protection in the house, apartment, office, and shop. A tamper resistant case thwarts curious kids or vandals for peace of mind. The unit begins operating automatically as soon as it's mounted to the included wall bracket. For optimal safety years down the road, an intermittent chirp lets you know when the non-replaceable battery is near its end. Battery-operated, the alarm requires no electrical outlet or wiring for installation and keeps you safe even during power failures. Kidde's Smart-Hush feature temporarily silences false alarms during smoky cooking mishaps.
smoke alarms
Get dual duty out of your ceiling-mounted light socket with this screw-in smoke detector No batteries required; no messy hardwire installation
Simple alarm testing without ladders; simply flip the light switch twice to trigger 85 dB alarm and to reset
Rechargeable battery powers smoke detector for up to 30 days in case of a power outage
A convenient and smart way to insure your family and home’s safety; 3Hx5Wx3D"
70% of all home fire deaths occur in homes with no alarms or no working alarms, and nearly one quarter of smoke alarms in reported fires are not working. Kidde battery operated Ionization smoke alarms are designed to help protect you and your family from the dangers of fire. This model is a 10 year, sealed battery, ionization smoke alarm with Alarm Memory and Smart Hush control. Install UL listed smoke alarms on every floor of your home, in hallways, inside bedrooms and outside of sleeping areas. Replace smoke alarms every 10 years. Ionization sensing alarms may detect invisible fire particles, associated with fast flaming fires sooner than Photoelectric alarms. Studies show both types will effectively detect either type of fire. For optimal protection, install both smoke alarm technologies in your home.
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