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vehicle fire extinguisher
Founded in 1998, China Tianwai Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive vehicle fire extinguisher manufacturer and wholesaler of safty equipment and safety industry. With the integrity of research, development, quality production, CAD technical system and high propagation sale, our products are widely used in the fire fighting, road safety, lighting, public secuity, family, automobile safety, petroleum, metallurgy and construction and other fields. The products passed certification of ISO9000 quality system and CCC certification. Each custom vehicle fire extinguishers product has passed the strict quality test to guarantee credible product functions before being put into markets, and the return rate of our products is below 1%.
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vehicle fire extinguisher

5 lb Multi Purpose Dry Chemical Fire ExtinguisherEffective against Class A, B and C fires - 3A:40B:C RatingPlease note - A one-time $20.00 hazmat fee will be charged at checkout for these fire extinguishers.This will be charged regardless if you qualify for free shipping.Uses a Monoammonium Phosphate AgentCatch small fires before they become large blazes.These portable fire extinguishers can go from small fire to no fire!These Pro Line extinguishers feature metal valves and aluminum cylinders.They are designed for most commercial and industrial applications - Offices, Hotels, Schools or Warehouses.The seamless aluminum cylinders feature a chip- resistant red paint.The handle and levers are made of pressed heavy-gauge metal for durability and strength. Checking the pressure is easy with the pressure gauge.The ABC Pro Line Fire Extinguishers use a non-toxic Monoammonium Phosphate agent that effectively fights class A, B and C fires.Features and specifications are listed below.Email us for MSDS for this product.Do you order this product often and/or in large quantities? Check out our Large Order Program to save yourself time and money.

vehicle fire extinguishers
Kidde 466425 Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguishers Vehicle Fire Extinguisher UL Rating 3-A 40-B C 5 Lb Height 16.1 In Width 4 1/2 In Alum.This extinguisher is rugged and powerful and is priced very competitively. we put them on all of our trucks.5 lb ABC Fire Extinguisher with Wall Mount or Vehicle Bracket.Very applicable to the individual workplace. Use of a fast and convenient. Home can be placed in small warehouses. Personal office conference room. Living room. Kitchen. Bedroom. The seamless aluminum and steel cylinders are chip resistant paint, while the handle and lever are made of pressed, heavy gauge metal for added strength. Plus, checking the pressure is fast and easy with a reliable pressure gauge. ABC Type Dry Chemical Extinguishers use a non-toxic Monoammonium Phosphate agent that effectively fights A, B and C class fires. BC Type Dry Chemical Extinguishers use a non-toxic Sodium Bicarbonateagent against B and C class fires.
UL Rating 3A:40B:C
Height 15 1/4"
Width 7 1/4"
Shell Diameter 4 1/4"
Shipping Weight with Wall Hook 10 lbs
Shipping Weight with Vehicle Bracket 10.3 lbs
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